20+ Bird Memes For Fans of Our Feathered Friends

My favorite birds are Big Bird, Sam The Eagle, and Camila, the Chicken. Accuse me of liking muppets more than natural wildlife all you want; that true statement doesn’t phase me. All muppets fans know that there are very few girl characters in the franchise. Even though she can’t technically speak, I’m glad that the chicken that dates Gonzo is representing for the ladies. Sam The Eagle is an essential member of the Muppets company because he’s decidedly ungoofy. This man means business and is almost more annoyed by his friends than Statler and Waldorf. And last but certainly not least, Big Bird is a star and an icon. It’s wild that Caroll Spinney was able to perform a giant puppet that was not annoying and not menacing, but by Jove, he did it. Big Bird is not the only big bird that deserves praise, as all of the birds in the animal kingdom are worthy of memes and jokes at their expense. If you like real birds and not these felt fakers, these bird memes might make you squawk and chirp. 

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