Nineteen Cringeworthy Moments Of Facepalm

It seems that in moments of global crisis – and especially during mass lockdown – the crazies and logic-deprived come out in full force. The subreddit r/facepalm is an incredible archive of these types of people and their woefully stupid posts on social media. This particularly gallery (sourced from r/facepalm) displays the utter genius of Karens, …
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20 People Who Should Be Banned From Using The Internet

If you’re ever bored and would like to witness astounding levels of bothinsanity and stupidity, your best bet would be to go take a scroll through the r/insanepeoplefacebook subreddit. It’s the exact opposite of boring. In fact, we’d say it’s a veritable treasure trove of stupidity from anti-vaxxers, Karens, and all-around crazies that almost make for …
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15 Total Wackos Who Should Not Be Allowed Near Social Media

We always hear about the insane-o anti-vaxxers, flat-earthers and other crazies all over the internet, but it’s not as commonplace to come across one in the wild. Well, these 15 posts will prove to you that these people actually do exist, and their stupidity is astounding. Check out /r/InsanePeopleFacebook for even more crazies!

Valiant Attempts That Hilariously Missed The Mark

The world love to laugh at people’s mistakes. We do too, especially when they occur on the internet and involve minimal harm to people’s feelings. These fine examples of hilarious muck-ups comes straight from the r/therewasanattempt subreddit. They’re filled with quality schadenfreude and massive amounts of stupidity. Bonus? You’ll probably end up feeling better about …
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Anti-Vaxx Mom Trolled In Facebook Comments

In a world of easy targets, anti-vaxxers rival even the most troll-able people. There are numerous anti-vaxxer memes, a million scoff-worthy tweets, and endless forum posts just begging to be commented on. This little slice of humor falls into the latter category. When one curious anti-vaxx mom asked for advice on how to prevent measles, …
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Super Fresh Memes From Our Favorite Subreddit

Have you been caught one two many times looking at Reddit when you’re supposed to be working? Just don’t feel like sifting through memes about mods being gay? Lucky for you, we peruse its hallowed infinite scroll every damn day. So we can hook you up with thegood memes, in a safe space, and without the …
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Spicy WikiHow Memes For People With Dark Sensibilities

WikiHow is generally supposed to help needy netizens with problems as simple as how to boil water and as complicated and grave as how to grieve the death of a loved one. The only thing these incredibly spicy WikiHow memes helps us do is laugh and then feel guilty about it. 

Hilariously Cringey Conspiracy Memes

One of our favorite activities is going on Facebook to see all the bizarre content that conspiracy theoristscreate. They’re often made by boomerswith limited Photoshop skills – and even more limited senses of humor. It’s recently come to our attention that there’s an entire Twitter account dedicated to these kinds of memes and posts, and …
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Insane Cringey Things People Dared To Post On Social Media

Most of us have a crazy aunt, uncle, or even…former friend who wows us with their brazen social media idiocy. From anti-vaxxers toflat-earthers, some people just never learn to keep their mouths shut. They don’t realize they’re providing primo entertainment to those of us with half a brain. Sucks for them. Laughs for us.