15+ Insufferable Times People Had Incurable Main Character Syndrome

Whether we are willing to admit it or not, most of us are pretty selfish. Even if we do a good deed now and then, it’s ultimately ourselves that come first, or maybe our kids (if we have them). The world could probably do with a few more of us caring less about me, myself, and I, but unfortunately these individuals seem to be in short supply. 

In their place, we have a load of a-holes who appear to think the entire solar system revolves around them, and they make sure the rest of us know about it. While it may be mighty annoying to run into one of these in the wild, at least their infuriating antics can be laughed at from a distance. Those with the worst cases of main character syndrome are no match for the cruel reality of our insignificance. That, and their audacity is quite funny.

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