Fifteen Metal Memes For Those Who Like Things As Brutal As Possible

Attention metalheads: we’ve gathered up this gallery of memes just for you and we think you’re gonna like ‘em a lot. If metal isn’t really your jam, check out some more general music memes here!

16 Metal Memes That Are Brutal Enough For Satan

Calling all Satan-worshipers, weirdos and straight-up metal snobs: if you’ve ever felt misunderstood – like no one truly gets the nuances of your music tastes – then these might be the memes for you. Even if you’re really not into the metal scene, we think you’ll be able to find some amusement in these memes!

Thirty-Eight Metal Memes For Fans Of The Double Bass

Metal’s not for everyone and that’s okay; these memes just aren’t for those people. But for those of you who dig black metal, death metal, pirate metal, or anything in between, scroll down (and click here for even more brutal humor!).

Music Related memes That Cover Every Genre

Life would be way less fun if music wasn’t a thing. Life would also be less fun if memes weren’t a thing. These music memes combine our two favorite things in a fantastically entertaining way. This diverse selection riffs on everything from black metal to rap, so there’s jokes here for lovers of pretty much …
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