A Mega Display Of Random Memes

These memes come with a humble objective. They’re not here to change the world, or even make it that much of a better place. All they need to do is give you a temporary distraction from all the other garbage that goes on in life, and they fulfil that purpose admirably. 

A Troupe of Pretty Good Memes for Boring Times

Sometimes boring moments call for mediocre memes. If you’re hungry for some quick and easy entertainment, we’ve got a bunch of pretty good memes that probably won’t blow you away, but they’ll definitely distract you for a few minutes. 

A Riotous Bunch Of Random Memes

Let’s face it, a lot of the time life can be very boring. When all we do is work, recover from work, sleep and repeat, things can get pretty monotonous. This is one of the reasons we have memes, to distract ourselves from the humdrum hamster wheel of our lives. Enjoy!

Memes & Tweets With Mood-Lifting Qualities

People who say ‘only boring people are bored’ have never had to stand in line at the DMV for three hours, or work an Excel spreadsheet-based job, or get stuck in rush hour traffic halfway through a long commute. No one is immune to boredom, and anyone who says otherwise is probably just good at …
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40 Painfully Relatable Memes That Just Get It

Normies need memes too, and that’s why we’ve put together this pile of highly relatable memes for people who don’t want to speak to anyone until they’ve had their coffee. If most of your problems revolve around dating and trying not to be broke, these are the memes for you. 

Some Memes, Posts And Dumb Things All Lumped Together

Times may change and so may our tastes, but that doesn’t stop the memes changing along with them. Because of this, we’re never far away from the need to scratch the itch of random internet phenomena. This list is only doing its part in helping us find relief, and there’s plenty more where that came …
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A Cacophony Of Random Memes And Posts

We all get those moments where we overthink, and all our thoughts threaten to overwhelm all rhyme or reason. At times like these, we may as well add more fuel to the fire by consuming all the memes and weird internet thoughts that we can find. Now our head is full of dumb things, but …
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40+ Crafty Memes & Tweets For Creative Souls

A meme is sort of like handmade knitwear—the original pattern was probably found online somewhere, but everyone puts their own little spin on the design to create something new. There’s an endless supply of memes from forgotten origins about literally any given niche topic there is, including arts and crafts! If you’re a creative type …
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A Proffering Of Memes To Catch A Break With

Life may be nasty, brutish and short, but so are many memes — and at least they know how to laugh about it. While not every time is the appropriate time to make a joke, these dumb internet tidbits give us a welcome means of escape where almost everything is a punchline. There’s a finite …
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An Obtuse List Of Memes And Things

There’s no better way to start off the day than with a fresh batch of random memes. You don’t know what the upcoming hours of the day are going to throw at you, so training your eyeballs on a wide array of the internet’s best offerings makes for a great start. Thank you, memes, for …
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