Twenty-Two Cat Memes For Your Caturday Pleasure

Happy Caturdayto all our friends who love felines! This gallery is filled with all the dopey, cute, and corny cat content you’ve come to expect from us on these celebratory Saturdays. As if we need a designated day to appreciate these sassy, moody, and sweet creatures with minds of their own.

Adorable Twitter Thread Celebrates Cats With Food Names

There’s not much that makes us happy these days, but cats and food, against all odds, continue to give us immense pleasure. Sure, we may be eating our feelings or relying on our feline friends for comfort. But there are far worse ways to cope with our miserable realities. And this weekend, Twitter user @avaritious …
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Thirty-Nine Caturday Memes Littered With Dumb Entertainment

Ohhh, cats and their needy BS. They meow at us to feed them twenty times a day and then get the zoomies at 4am. We could definitely do without their antics but we never will, because they’re adorable.

Very Dumb Cat Memes Purr-Fect For Wasting Time

Here’s a roundup of 35 good old fashioned cat memes just for your enjoyment. We have to warn you that most of them are incredibly dumb. Like, so dumb that you’ll be angry at yourself for indulging in such stupidity. But it’s totally okay to laugh at stupid sh*t sometimes. We give you permission.