Hilariously Awkward Marriage-Ruining Freudian Slips From ‘Family Feud’

The all-time dumbest and funniest marriage-ruining answers on Family Feud, according to host Steve Harvey. Poor one out for these poor spouses and try not to cringe while watching. 

Video: Everything Goes Right For This ‘Price Is Right’ Wizard

Most contestants on The Price is Right likely rely on luck and intuition, but in this epic clip, Michael sure proves that he trained his whole life to get those prices as right as possible. At one point, even Bob admits that Michael’s skills were making him look bad. We love to see it. 

23 Times Chinese Dating Shows Brought The Comedy

Game shows are a pretty universal form of entertainment. They’ve been around for years, and some of ‘em (ahem, Jeopardy) have amassed some pretty serious followings. Here in the United States, dating  game shows are pretty much a thing of the past – something parodied on sketch comedy shows like Saturday Night Live. In China, however, they’re …
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In Loving Memory Of Alex Trebek: Memes & Memorable Moments From Jeopardy

The world is saddened by the news of Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek passing away yesterday at the age of 80 yesterday. Trebek had been battling pancreatic cancer for at least a year, but still continued to host the show. To many Americans, Trebek wasn’t just a game show host, he was a cultural icon who brought …
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Eighteen Fail-Filled ‘Family Feud’ Moments Worth A Good Old Facepalm

We’re gonna give these people the benefit of the doubt and just assume they were having off-days. Either way, it’s still fun to cringe and laugh at other people’s misfortune sometimes, so scroll down and then click here to see more of that!

Dumb Game Show Moments Featuring Dumb People

There are some people in this world who should just not be on game shows, and unfortunately some of those people indeed ended up on game shows. The following pics will make you cringe and wonder how stupid people manage to get so far in life. We don’t know either…