31 Memes To Celebrate ‘The Simpsons’ 31st Birthday

On this day in 1989, Fox aired the first syndicated episode of America’s favorite animated sitcom, The Simpsons. Boasting 32 seasons and 693 episodes, the show has been a familiar fixture in many homes throughout the decades. As meme-lovers, we’re grateful that The Simpsons have provided a wealth of material for memelords everywhere, so we …
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Fifteen Simpsons Memes To Get You Groening

Confession: Matt Groening’s name is actually pronounced «grain-ing» but we hope you’ll forgive us for the sake of punnery. Now without further ado, please enjoy the following memes from everyone’s favorite adult cartoon, and click here to see ten times The Simpsons accurately predicted the future!

Sixteen Dopey Homer Simpson Memes For The Donut Lovers

Or should we have said «do’h-pey»? Sorry, bad joke. Anyway, who didn’t grow up watching The Simpsons in the ’90s? We really hope you enjoy these extremely dumb memes in honor of the iconic character Homer Simpson!