Viral Cook Recreates the «Naco» from ‘Kim Possible’ and Everyone is Obsessed with its Messy Gooey Cheesy Goodness

The mouthwatering nacho cheese literally drips from the taco just like the episode. 

Seventeen Cheesy Memes For When You’re Feelin’ Bleu

In honor of everyone’s favorite food, here’s an interesting cheesy trivia tidbit for you: the reason cheese is so addictive is because it contains the milk protein casein which, when digested, releases casomorphins – which belong to the opioid family. The results are feelings of euphoria and lowered pain. The more you know!

Fifteen Star Wars Memes For Prequel Fiends

Can you believe that The Phantom Menace came out 21 years ago? Yeah, neither can we, and it’s making us feel really old. We gathered up this batch of memes for the Star Wars prequel fans, and we hope y’all enjoy them as much as we did. But if the sequels are more of your …
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These Cringey ’14-Year-Old White Girl’ Memes Are, Like, So Profound

Many of us Millennials went through that inevitably cringey phase of our early teens in the mid-2000s where literally any mildly sentimental quote on LiveJournal or Myspace was thoroughly profound enough to bring us to tears. Today’s version of that is, of course, the infamously cheesy Tumblr. You’ve likely been seeing the word «Sbeve» everywhere …
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Sixteen Romantic Memes Full Of Sassy Comedy

We’ve posted some depressing memes for sad singles on Valentine’s Day, but if you’re sick of the negativity, don’t fret – we have a roundup of sappy couples’ memes for you!  Want some less-savory Valentine’s Day humor? We got you covered.

Twitter Roasts Pete Buttigieg For His Staged ‘Walk Back To Iowa’

Poor Mayor Pete just can’t seem to catch a break on the internet. The presidential candidate from South Bend, Indiana tweeted a photo of himself walking down a hallway on Saturday with the caption, «On my way back to Iowa. It’s phase 4. Let’s do this.» The tweet has been catching a fair amount of …
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Corny Food Memes To Get That Mouth Watering

There are two types of people in this world: a.) those who look forward to every meal (probably to an unhealthy extent), and b.) the weirdos who couldn’t care less about what they’re eating. We definitely identify with the former, and if you do too then we think you’ll enjoy these memes.

Hallmark Memes Just In Time For The Christmas Season

It’s the Christmas season, and you know what that means! It’s Hallmark movie season, baby. The movies might be terrible and incredibly cliched, but at least they’re bad enough that we can watch them ironically and still be moderately entertained.  Now have some memes that poke fun at this sentiment!