This Week’s Silliest Skits to Watch Before They Ban TikTok (March 26, 2023)

So apparently TikTok is about to be banned and everybody’s up in arms about it. Not only is this app the best Chinese spyware ever, it’s also the top doom-scrolling, entertaining, time-suck ever made. Tiktok is the perfect place to waste time looking at silly things you never would have thought you’d be nose-laughing at. …
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Mixed Batch Of Memes Because There’s Nothing Better To Do

Whatever day of quarantine you’re on, just know that it isn’t going to end anytime soon. Sorry to be a downer, but’s that’s just a fact at this point. So please enjoy these memes, and click here for even more!

Thirty-Two Entertainment-Filled Memes And Posts

We know what you want: entertainment. It’s why you clicked here after all. We know you’re not really reading this, so let’s just get on with the miscellaneous memes, and then head on over here for more!

Funny ‘N’ Random Memes For Entertainment Purposes

Happy freakin’ weekend, ya filthy animals! Whatcha got planned? Anything exciting? In case you don’t have anything planned, we have funny memes to keep you happy and entertained at least for a little bit!

Relatable Content For Those Who Feel Misunderstood

This gallery of memes is for when you just need to feel like someone understands what you’re going through. Don’t worry, we’ve got you, and we get it. Now click here for some more relatable memes that’ll help you feel heard!

Miscellaneous Content Perfect For All Entertainment Needs

Do you just need some entertainment ASAP? Tired of staring at the wall? We thought so. That’s why we’ve curated this gallery of dumb yet very entertaining memes, just for you!

Twenty-Nine Entertaining Memes For Those Who Are Bored Silly

We get it, you’re just here for the memes. You don’t actually care what we have to say here. But if you are by chance actually reading this, then we hope you have a wonderful day!

Thirty-Seven Mediocre Memes And Tweets For Bored People

Let’s all just face it: lockdown here in America isn’t going to be over any time soon, so let’s just get used to sitting inside looking at memes. Good thing we’ve got as many memes as you could ever want!