Guy Rags on Flashy Rich TikTokers by Transforming Their Videos Into Funny Nihilistic Series Called ‘I’m Rich You’re Poor’

Nothing says «relatable» like showing off your billion dollar home and appliances that only 1% of the world can afford!…

TikTokers Roast Rich Girl Who Posted Her Family in a Mansion Looking for the Last $20 During Their Easter Egg Hunt

Imagine participating in an Easter egg hunt with $20 or more in each egg… 

Levi the Furby King is the Nihilistic Demon Cult Leader Going Viral on TikTok Right Now

What happened to the days when Furbies were sweet innocent toys keeping lonely kids company? Now, they’re evil cult leaders rallying TikTokers to the depths of the under world?? 

TikToker Goes Viral For Mocking the Wealthy by Turning Bleak-Colored Children’s Items Into Nihilistic Humor

Are there actually parents out there who make their kids only wear the color beige? 

TikToker Rags On the Rich and Turns All-White Bouncy Castle Into a Hilarious Nihilistic Child Necessity

«You are not like the poor people with their garish primary colors.»

17 Nihilist Memes For a Reminder That Existence is Futile

We don’t even care if anyone likes these or not, because nothing even matters. We didn’t consent to this existence. In the blink of an eye we’ll be dead and all the toiling we’ve been doing will mostly likely have been for naught. We can’t all be the famous cave painters of the Paleolithic age. …
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20+ Philosophy Memes for Ponderers of Life

Being stuck inside for what felt like an eternity gave us all a lot of free time to wax philosophical about our precious little lives. There may have been a few identity crises during the isolation period of the pandemic, but we are kind of sorta calming down a little. Unfortunately, we still don’t have …
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19 Sad And Sassy Raccoon Memes

If you like depressing and nihiilist humor and have an affection for the nocturnal bandits that are raccoons, boy do we have a meme account for you. The Instagram account @nocturnaltrashposts is devoted to pairing cute (and cursed) images of raccoons with sad and sometimes sassy text that, well, feels relatable and real. If you …
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Nihilisa Frank Memes Are As Colorful As They Are Bleak

It’s harder than ever to look at the bright side right now, so the colorful Lisa Frank-esque works of Nihilisa Frank really resonate with us right now. The contrast between the iconic and whimsical illustrations and their nihilistic messages makes for some very entertaining scrolling and sharing. We’ve included some of our favorites, but you …
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