A Tribute To The Funkalicious Memes Of Guy Fieri

In this world of cursed recipes, depression meals and viral recipe trolls, it sometimes feels like the internet’s relationship to food is one deliberately designed to be as off-putting as possible.  However, we don’t have to despair completely — we still have Guy Fieri. The flamboyant chef is a one man antidote to toxic food …
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23 Timeless Guy Fieri Memes Straight From Flavortown

Guy Fieri is a lot of things: television personality, human shot of Fireball whiskey, father, fashion icon. But perhaps most importantly, the spiky-haired, walking Ed Hardy advertisement is one hell of a meme. We’ve rounded up the best Guy Fieri memes of all time. So get in this car. We’re going to Flavortown. 

Fifteen Guy Fieri Memes That Put Us On A Bus To Flavortown

Guy Fieri may be an incredibly silly-looking dude, but how could you not love him? He’s a wholesome icon, maybe even up there with the likes of Keanu Reeves and Tom Hanks. So in honor of the mayor of Flavortown, here are 15 memes in honor of The Man himself.