27 Math Memes For Nerds Who Love Numbers

Math memes are the perfect kind of super niche and highly specific memes that make us laugh even if we don’t understand them half the time. Instagram account @jucy_mathematical_memes is by far our favorite mathematics-themed shitposter and we’ve added up a bunch of dank gems from their massive collection of arithmetical content. Whether you’re a …
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Physics Memes That Sir Isaac Newton Would Smile Down Upon

These memes are for college physics majors, professional physicists, or anyone who just enjoys learning about physics. If there’s one thing we know, it’s that we’re not really smart enough to understand this stuff. Want some generic science memes? eBaum’s World’s got ‘em.

Smarty Pants Physics Memes For Smarty Pants People

We’re not going to even pretend to have physics knowledge beyond what we «learned» in high school. But we know some of you have bigger and more efficient brains than ours. These memes might appeal to you.