48 Memes Because We All Need A Distraction

Happy weekend! If you’re looking for a way to tune out and laugh your worries away, we’re here to help. This hefty assortment of memes has a little bit of everything and that means there’s something for every kind of meme lover. Dog memes? Check. Depressing memes? Check. Incredibly dumb memes? We’ve got those too. 

Sixteen ‘Deus Vult’ Memes For The Dank Crusaders

Here’s an interesting historical tidbit: «deus vult» was the war cry of the Crusaders during the First Crusade of 1095. Memers love these dank Crusade memes, and although we’re not entirely sure how they came to fruition, we’re glad for their existence. So scroll down to see some of ‘em and head on over to …
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