TikToker Goes Viral for Fake Air Traffic Control Voiceovers that Create Hilarious Beef Between Airlines

*talks airplane language I have no idea what it means* Me: OoOoOoOoOoOoOoh Sh********t.

Employee Hilariously Accidentally Says ‘I Love You’ to Customer on the Phone, Sparks TikTokers to Share Their Embarrassing Work Slip-Ups

The customer probably thinks, «they must really care about their customers, I guess…»

Woman Gets Hilarious Responses After Jokingly Posting in a Mom Facebook Group That She Gives her Newborn Mountain Dew

Are you a Mountain Dew mom? A Baja Blast parent? A Dr. Pepper dad? Not to parent shame, but do your research. 

TikTok Viral-ness Is Truly Baffling: Woman With Only 5 Videos of Bouncing a Bottle into the Heavens on a Basket Ball Is Going Viral

Apparently, 5.6 million people like videos of bottles being bounced off a bouncing basketball… Maybe it’s a metaphor for something??

TikToker Goes Viral For Mocking the Wealthy by Turning Bleak-Colored Children’s Items Into Nihilistic Humor

Are there actually parents out there who make their kids only wear the color beige? 

TikToker Rags On the Rich and Turns All-White Bouncy Castle Into a Hilarious Nihilistic Child Necessity

«You are not like the poor people with their garish primary colors.»