Photographer on TikTok Purposely Scratches Up Her Lens with a Rock, Pissing Lots of People Off: So She Does It Again, But with a Hammer

She really said, «oh, you didn’t like that?» *makes mental note to do it again*

Siblings’ Who Did a «Grief» Photoshoot for their Dead Goldfishes Get Backlash from TikTok Viewers

They wanted to turn their grief into art, but many viewers can’t get past the fact that the sister is posing with the corpses of two dead fish…

Photographer Goes Viral After Sharing the Amazing Photoshoot She Did for an 80-Year-Old Woman’s Birthday

This grandma is way cooler than most grandmas and looking amazing while posing on the beach.

Man Shares Viral Stories of Insane Guest Disputes He’s Experienced While Working at Disney World

Disney adults can get absolutely insane; simply ungovernable. When they want a picture with their beloved Disney character, they better get that dang picture or else.