‘A teacher once brought her various pet parrots to be photographed’: 30+ School photoshoots that turned out cringy and strange

School picture day photographers have us in stitches with these tales of the strangest and cringiest things they’ve ever encountered. Because as you can imagine, photographing hundreds of students at a time could easily be hilarious. 

High school is a time for experimenting with your personality and identity. Some kids dye their hair pink or blue, or get lots of piercings, or embrace being goth for a while. You’re young, and you don’t know who you are or who you’re going to be. Even through those awkward years, your parents probably purchased a few of your school photos…and even if not, your overly-gelled spiky hair will live in infamy in that school’s yearbook. 

U/hardrockman911 asked the people of r/AskReddit, «Photographers who do school picture days, what are your most cringe-worthy/strange stories of your career?» And a surprising amount of photographers replied to share their wildest tales. From kids who refused to cooperate to kids who showed up in fur suits, these photographers have seen some things. 

Scroll down to read the madness in this thread. Then, click here to check out a story about a train attendant and a cranky passenger

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