Funny ‘N’ Random Memes For Entertainment Purposes

Happy freakin’ weekend, ya filthy animals! Whatcha got planned? Anything exciting? In case you don’t have anything planned, we have funny memes to keep you happy and entertained at least for a little bit!

Relatable Content For Those Who Feel Misunderstood

This gallery of memes is for when you just need to feel like someone understands what you’re going through. Don’t worry, we’ve got you, and we get it. Now click here for some more relatable memes that’ll help you feel heard!

Thirty-Seven Mediocre Memes And Tweets For Bored People

Let’s all just face it: lockdown here in America isn’t going to be over any time soon, so let’s just get used to sitting inside looking at memes. Good thing we’ve got as many memes as you could ever want!

Roundup Of Humorous Pics Because We’re All Bored Out Of Our Damn Minds

We’re bored and so we’re pretty sure you’re bored too, because the world sucks right now and we’re probably going to be in lockdown for forever. Just get used to it now, and stock up on memes, because that’s all we can really do.

Sixteen Scarily Accurate Starter Pack Memes For People Who Want To Feel Understood

Scrolling through starter packs is a great way to rest assured that other people have the same bizarre human thoughts as you. It’s kind of comforting, even. So go ahead and sift through some relatable content below, and then head on over here for more!

Roundup Of Amusing Memes To Get Your Week Started Off Right

Since we’re all locked inside everyday and none of us ever have anything to look forward to anymore, we like to think that memes can be the tiniest salvation. It’s not much, but we hope they improve your day.