Midwest Memes For Real Midwesterners

When I was in college in Ohio, so many people wore shirts to football games that read «Ohio Against The World.» At the time, I thought it was pretty funny because I didn’t think it was that dramatic. Is the world really that at odds with Ohio? Now that I’m no longer living in the …
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‘Check to see if the corn is taller than you’: The Most Fun Things to do in The Midwest

Anyone down for Casey’s Pizza? 

25 Relatable Things Only Midwesterners Will Understand

If you often find yourself apologizing to friends before asking for a humble favor, or commenting on how nice the weather would be if there wasn’t so much darn wind, or repurposing yet another margarine butter container, you might be from the Midwest. We’ve collected a bunch of our favorite tidbits from @midwestern_ope, a hilariously …
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20 Relatable Memes & Tweets For Midwesterners

Whether you hail from the cheese-producing lands of Wisconsin or the Cincinatti chili-eating eating areas of Ohio, we’re willing to bet you’ll find at least some of these memes and tweets to feel pretty damn relatable. While some may balk at putting Ranch dressing on, well, literally everything, in the Midwest, it’s a source of …
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Fifteen Amusing Midwestern Tweets In Honor Of The Flyover States

Whether you’re from Indiana, Illinois, or Iowa, we think you’ll find these tweets quite amusing and relatable. And not to worry, this is a safe space for anyone who (correctly) believes that ranch dressing belongs on everything. If you want even more amusing Midwest content, check out the Twitter account Midwest vs. Everybody!

Fifteen Midwestern Memes For The Ranch Addicts

The Midwest, also affectionately referred to as «flyover country,» doesn’t get talked about much. That’s why we wanted to collect some memes for you Midwesterners, because we haven’t forgotten about you. So here’s to you, you pop-loving ranch fiends!  Oh look, we’ve got even more Midwestern memes here! You know you want ‘em.