Funny & Nonsensical Quips From the Mouths of Sleep-Talkers

Sleep-talking is a phenomenon that affects about 5% of adults and, more often than not, is pretty damn funny. I personally never want to know if I fart in my sleep (if you’re not conscious it doesn’t count), but if I’m snuggled next to you while slumbering and I utter something wild, terrifying, or hilarious, …
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Bunch Of Times Obvious Plant Slayed Us With Total Nonsense

There are very few Instagram accounts out there that are better than Obvious Plant. We just really want to know where the hell they come up with their absurd content, because we’re certainly not clever enough.  If you like it then check out more of their content from the source itself on Instagram!

Nonsensical Insults To Confuse The Heck Outta Your Worst Enemies

When you need a good insult, sometimes you need a tried-and-true roast, while other times you may need to go the more creative route – the following tweets are perfect for that. Will people think you’re completely insane? Probably, but at least you’ll be amused, and that’s the most important thing here.