Painful & Cursed Photos For The Masochists Of The Internet

We don’t know about you, but this monotony has a way of making us feel pretty damn numb. One way to combat this feeling oflistlessness is by looking at terrible, pain-inducing cursed images.They might disgust you or leave you with sympathy pains, but at least you’ll feel something. Right?  

24 Sick And Sad Cringe Pics For Anyone Who Wants To Feel Bad

Forget wholesome content and happy memes. Sometimes we all need to scroll through a selection of cringey moments that can only be described as «dumpster fire.» You know, so we can all feel a bit better about ourselves.

Super-Sized Batch Of Unfortunate Cringe Pics

These cringey pics will boost even the most diminished of egos. From unfortunately fedora’d lads to girls who can’t figure out the very important difference between cologne and COLON, the schadenfreude here is off the charts. Sit back, relax, and shake your damn head at these truly touched souls.