30+ Plant Memes For Garden Geeks & Amateur Botanists

As legend tells it, hugging trees is a wonderful (natural) anti-depressant. Even just having trees close to home can reduce the pesky, downer effects of depression. This probably doesn’t come as a surprise to plant owners and home gardeners. Getting ones hands in the soil can literally boost serotonin levels. The act of taking care …
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25 Plant Memes For Green And Black Thumbs Alike

This year’s endless joy of lockdowns and quarantines has inspired many home-based trends. While some people took up baking bread and gaining that quarantine fifteen, other people turned to knitting or art. And then there’s the scads of millenials and Zoomers who decided to cultivate the ol’ houseplant and gardening fad that had been steadily …
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Twenty-Four Plant-Powered Memes For Botanical Hobbyists

Hey dog and cat people, these memes aren’t for you unfortunately; they’re for the people who consider their plants as pets. If you’re someone who can’t walk into the garden center without getting a little overexcited, then hallelujah, you’ve come to the right place. Check out even more plant-y memes here!

Twenty-Nine Plant Memes For People Who Consider Plants Their Children

Taking care of plants is an underappreciated skill. While most of us would probably unintentionally kill them after a week or so, there are those of you who are dedicated plant parents who treat them as lovingly pets. Check out some more plant memes here while you’re at it!

Twenty-One Plant Memes For Those With A Green Thumb

We have to salute anyone who can keep plants alive for a prolonged amount of time. It’s like having an extra pet or something, and that’s too much damn work. So have some plant content below, and click here for some memes for people who love flowers, more specifically!

Seventeen Niche Flower Memes For Amateur Florists

You’ve heard of crazy cat people, now get ready for crazy plant people. These memes will only make sense to the latter, but that’s okay because you guys need something to do that isn’t obsess over buying more and more plants.  Thanks @freskyflowers for a majority of this excellent floral content!