Sixteen Existential Crisis-Ridden Memes For The Nihilists Among Us

These memes are for nihilists and pessimists alike who believe that life inherently has no meaning. It’s not a healthy way to live, but in the times we’re living in, is there even any other way to think? Now go thank Friedrich Nietzsche for your horrible outlook on life! Thanks Nietzsche!

The ‘Depressing Fridge Poems’ Instagram Is A Cynic’s Dream

As we brace ourselves for the barrage of «Roses Are Red» poems and candy hearts for Valentine’s Day this Friday, we find ourselves craving something that feels a little more real. Enter ‘Depressing Fridge Poems.’ The page, which is the brainchild of Rusty Epstein, has been serving up dark and nihilistic looks at life since 2014. …
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