20+ Absurd Posts From The Miiverse, Nintendo’s Forgotten Social Network

While their products may not be everyone’s first choice, it’s hard to think of a more wholesome-seeming video game company than Nintendo. Where other consoles and series of games are plagued by accusations of promoting violence and amping up our screen addictions, they sit in a fluffy little corner that promotes making friends with virtual animals, and family game nights.

OK, so maybe they have a little bit of a dark side. We can never forget that crazed period in the late 2000s when everyone was throwing their Wii controller at their TV, or the rather disturbing, insatiable thirst from certain corners of the Waluigi fandom. No brand is perfect, and what’s a little home damage and inappropriate lust between friends?

On top of that, few gaming institutions have managed to have such a wide ranging impact on a certain generation’s childhoods as Nintendo. Most of their oeuvre is undeniably family friendly, which makes it all the more funny when people do strange things with it.

A prime example of this is the Miiverse. A social network designed for the 3DS and the WiiU, it was first launched in 2012 as a way to connect users of those consoles. The end result was a borderline parallel universe home to some weird and wonderful happenings.

Sadly, the Miiverse was short-lived, and it said its final goodbyes to the world several years ago. However, its sh*tposting legacy lives on. Somehow, most things are just that more humorous when they appear to be being said by a Mii.


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