20 Amusing Tidbits and Tales From the Depths of Tumblr

Tumblr is the cockroach of mainstream social media. Every time something happens to it that we think will be the end, it fights on with a plucky enthusiasm that only something that could survive the apocalypse could muster.

It’s the home of all manner of fandoms and internet weirdness, and it’s never afraid to go into too much gross detail. All these are things which have kept it afloat throughout the past decade and a half, and they are showing no signs of this changing any time soon. 

This is great, because Tumblr users and outside admirers alike get a lot out of the antics that happen on the platform. Twitter might be good for silly jokes, but Tumblr commits to them in a way that its witty sister never could. Although it’s not easy being one of the outcasts of the internet, it does mean that we are treated to a lot of off the wall funniness. 

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