20+ Spotify Memes for Music Streaming Aficionados

Spotify can be a fickle beast. Back in high school, I was stuck with the free version of Spotify. Although free, it almost felt like a prison. Who amongst us wants an incredible spree of music interrupted by some of the most obnoxious and obnoxiously loud advertisements possible? Though I made the jump to the premium plan once presented with the perk-filled student plan in college, I understand the plight of anyone using the free version of Spotify. 

There are so many options for music streaming these days. I have yet to touch base with Apple Music and I flirted with Tidal when it was free with a phone contract I signed, but there’s a certain tie to Spotify that’s difficult to shake. Whether that be the social pressure of its ubiquity, the clout of the year-end wrap-ups, or the entirety of your music library saved to the platform; it’s difficult to escape. 

Though we continue to use it, we’re still welcome to criticize it. And that’s just what we’ve got for you here. A series of memes that largely lambast the largest music streaming platform. Take a look below for some Spotify-based internet memes. 

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