28 Dumb Yet Satisfying ‘Movie Title In Movie Lines’ Memes

Anyone else feel like their meme standards have taken a nose dive of late? Political fatigue and a general contempt for the world seem to have skewed our taste towards the very dumb. This past weekend we were graced by meme that easily meets this very low criteria. According to Know Your Meme, the trend began on 4chan, after a user shared a still of Paul Allen (Jared Leto) in American Psycho. The intentionally miscaptioned still reads  «Patrick, it’s you!! You’re the American Psycho?!!,» to which another 4chan user replies «He didn’t say that.» After other users chimed in, the thread grew to over 100 replies. And now it looks like it made an impact in the memeosphere.

Following the 4chan thread, the format started to pop up on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Users seemed to be scrambling to create (and share) the incredibly stupid and easy-to-make memes. Even gamers got in on the joke, creating their own versions for releases such as Death Stranding and Final Fantasy. While it’s hard to present these memes as the «best» of anything, they’re pretty damn entertaining. Here’s hoping we see more dumb and easy content in the coming months. This year needs all the help it can get.

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