7-Eleven Employee Works 16-Hour Shift, Gets Rewarded By Stranger With Home-Cooked Meal

There’s nothing like a super long shift at work to completely suck the life out of you. If it’s busy, you feel like you’re going to drop dead as soon as you clock out; if it’s quiet, you wish you could drop dead just to alleviate the boredom.

Whatever happens, it’s rare that you get much sympathy for your efforts. However, that wasn’t the case for the gas station worker who served @demilee64 recently. After Demi Lee visited the 7-Eleven store to make a purchase, she promised the employee at the register that she would bring him back some food. Sharing the process with TikTok, she revealed how she had whipped up a hearty meal of ribs, beans and macaroni cheese, which she then delivered to its grateful recipient.


He thought I was lying. Couldn’t wait to see the look on his face 😂##fypシ ##SnowballFightAgainstHunger

♬ original sound – Demi Lee’

Many people were touched by her random act of kindness, not least the gas station attendant who she had fed. Returning to the store in a follow-up video, he revealed that he had been on a 16-hour shift without any food, making him extra grateful for the surprise gift. It’s not often when you work in retail that you’re on the receiving end of kindness, so it makes all the difference when it does happen.


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