A Fancy Flock of Birding Memes for Every Level of Birdwatcher

I consider myself a novice birder. Due to my «gainful» employment, I don’t have the leisure time to indulge in the wholesome activity, so I play Wingspan to try to ease the agony of deprivation. Last night, the game’s tranquil soundtrack helped me drift off to sleep. There’s something about the sound of sweetly chirping birds and the twinkling of a harp that is so soothing. Playing Wingspan, which was undoubtedly created with birders in mind, is as near to board game therapy as it gets, depending on whether you’re using the digital or analog version.  Unfortunately, the sweet songs can mean I fall asleep without setting my alarm, which results in a frantic mad dash to work and the inability to at least step outside with my coffee and enjoy the real birds chirping. These may be first-world problems, but I’m happy to announce that birding memes do a lot to quell the pain. Maybe my fellow birders will feel that, too. 

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