A Funny Bunch of Memes Filled With Extra Spooky Season Humor and a Bit of Nostalgia

Halloween is almost upon us, and as a thirty-something with low energy, I’m not as excited as I used to be. In the days of yore, I would get together with friends and start planning our costumes months in advance, down to our footwear. Whether or not we ended up looking good was another story, but my god – we were enthusiastic, and we were prepared. These days I’m left trying to find a two-hour window to fetch some facial hair from Spirit Halloween, and struggling to do so. It’s a rough life. Back in the day, I’d wear these costumes until 5 AM and end the rager at a diner looking absolutely insane. These days I’m thinking about how to take off my makeup before I pass out by midnight. One thing hasn’t changed about me, though, and that’s my intense love for memes. And boy, the memes are good around this season. This batch boasts some spooky season shenanigans as well as some nostalgic tidbits that other old heads are sure to recognize. 

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