A Hoedown of Cowboy Memes Under the Influence of the Wild West

Considering that the era didn’t last much longer than forty years, the cultural impact of the cowboys casts a long shadow over certain parts of U.S. society. It had cool accessories! Lassos! A sense of rugged individualism! What could be a better summary of the American Dream? It’s easy to see why so many have got swept up in the romance of saloons and standoffs, not least because Hollywood has pumped a lot of money into making them seem very cool. Like all cultures that get glamorized, the reality was probably not always as exciting. However, it doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the aesthetics, their impact, and the humor that they produce. By that token, it’s no surprise that people love to make memes that relate to the rootin’ tootin’ amusement that comes from all the stereotypes of the Wild West. We’ve got to love anything that gives a good excuse to wear a silly hat.

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