Auto Detailer Exposes Tesla Flaws Sparking Mixed Reactions

Just like any overzealous fanbase, Tesla nerds and Elon Musk stans are known to get pretty obnoxious on the internet when defending the honor of their ‘technoking.’ So when @jtmobiledetailing roasted Tesla’s shoddy construction in a viral TikTok video, she knew what she was getting herself into. While many agreed with @jtmobiledetailing’s assessment, others refused to believe that the car came out of the factory with so many blaring flaws. One Twitter user replied to a repost of the video saying, ‘Let me see the title status. Sh*t has to be rebuilt.’ But even former Tesla assembly persons and quality inspectors chimed in to confirm that all the issues @jtmobiledetailing pointed out were typical and common. So basically, for $50,000 you can have a cheap-looking vehicle that may burst into an inextinguishable chemical fire at any moment. Cool!

Keep scrolling to see @jtmobiledetailing’s amusing Tesla roast and how people responded. 

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