Best Classical Art Memes of the Week (December 26, 2022)

What could be better than mixing modern humor with some good ol’ classical art? We must bestow a Meme Award of the Year to someone for this genius idea, but alas we could not track down the inventor of such a marvelous, innovative formulation. The internet is too vast and we are too small. Back in olden times, our ancestors would likely not approve of the mastermind and would send out a mob to bring back his head. Some of these memes may convey similar situations. Luckily for us, it’s nearly 2023 and those days are long behind us. This humor defines our generation. ‘Tis a revolution!


Classical memes are elite, y’all. What makes them so unbelievably relatable is probably the stoic facial expressions that the characters express. Sullen, forlorn, and dejected — while the text is sarcastic and comical. We love us some good memes. If you’re an art student (Why must you do this to yourself?), or a meme lover (heya, fellas), scroll down to feast your eyes upon this delicious banquet of memes.  


Feel free to check out last week’s array of memes as well. And a happy new year to us all!

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