Birdwatching Memes That Don’t Require Binoculars

The birdwatching community is a unique one. In my (limited) experience, birders tend to take care of the habitats they lurk to catch a glimpse of a rare bird or even just a cute one. They nod at their fellow binocular-ed passersby, share fruitful locales (but not all of them), and pick up trash as they go on their way. The pastime (or hobby) is usually a respectable one, involving a love for living things and the environments in which they exist. Birdwatching, even in the city, has allowed me to be more present, soaking up the quiet beauty of the places that people generally avoid. It’s a wonderful respite from the NYC hustle.

While we appreciate the birding community, it has a slightly different and spicier presence on the internet. Many bird-obsessed people have taken to making memes about the hobby, and they’ve proven to be a great way to relate to our fellow birders. They use trending meme formats to convey frustrations and follies that befall most enthusiasts, and sometimes get a tiny bit mean along the way. Nobody’s perfect, and neither are these memes. But we have gathered them for anyone who’s into birdwatching. Enjoy.

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