Bleak Climate Change Memes to Enjoy While the Planet is Preheating

As I write this article on a 97 degree day in New York City, I’m appalled that climate changeis even a discussion. We’ve been talking about global warming for almost as long as I’ve been alive (don’t worry about that number) and instead of taking action, there’s just been endless debates and fear-mongering. Both of which lead absolutely nowhere. 

When environmental activists like Greta Thunberg try to engage with world leaders and the general public, they are often ridiculed by people who probably have a lot less knowledge on the subject. When politicians urge our countries to invest in renewable energy, many of them brush off the suggestion in favor of, well, ease and money. Reading about and feeling the effects of this imminent danger is exceptionally frustrating as a pleb. It’s clear that the people in charge don’t give a shit, and instead ask citizens to use reusable water bottles or take breaks from air conditioning. Ya know, cuz that’s why we’re in this position. It all contributes to a general sense of helplessness. Which naturally lends itself to the equally futile art of meme-ing. Climate change memes may not directly change the course of our ailing planet, but hey, maybe they’ll change the perspective of deniers. At least some of the male ones.

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