Clever Comebacks From Quick-Witted People

It’s happened to us all.  You’re standing (or maybe sitting, crying) in the shower. The steam is relaxing you. As you lather up your hair, it suddenly occurs to you. No, not the meaning of life. But the perfect zinger that would have absolutely destroyed that asshole Chad in the accounting department of your office. Or perhaps, instead of Chad, it’s a faceless internet user who has been harassing you cruelly and incessantly in the comments of the articles and listicles you write. It’s a shame, really. Timing is everything when it comes to comebacks, and you can’t exactly march to Chad’s desk to get back at him verbally. The internet is a little more forgiving where the timing is concerned. We can all think of the best ways to use our piercing wit and vocabularies to destroy someone online. Most of these clever people definitely used that extra time to their advantage. The burns sting!

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