Controversial Thread Rails Against The Phenomenon Of “Disney Adults”

Has any other generation of grown up people ever been so obsessed with the cultural products that they enjoyed when they were kids? The Marvel franchise is so beloved that it’s close to a religion for some, and Harry Potter lives on in the hearts and minds of many millennials, even after the rapid public downfall of its author. 

It appears many of us can’t get enough when it comes to regressing, and top of the pile when it comes to this cultural phenomenon has to be Disney. When it comes to the fanbase of the company, it would seem like all the seven year olds that know every word to the Frozen movies are in the minority. Everywhere you look on social media, it seems like Disneyland is filled with those old enough to pay taxes donning Mickey ears and losing themselves in the trademarked character sauce.

Now, everyone has different interests, and if you’re an adult who loves all things to do with the most magical place on earth, you’re probably not harming anybody. However, there are some out there who are not so sure about this. This was recently underlined in a tweet by @verycalmchowdr, who stated that «we need to do something about disney adults» alongside screenshots of TikTok in which a woman claimed she had waited three years to hug Goofy again. 

While some people were up in arms at this casual judgment, others were similarly perturbed by the fascination with the corporation. Maybe the Consoomer meme has a grain of truth to it, at times.


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