Cringey ‘Nice Guys’ Who Revealed Their Toxic Entitlement

There’s been a lot of talk about incels and ‘nice guys‘ over the past few years, and it is absolutely for good reason. It’s not just some venddetta against men. You see, there really are dudes out there who fervently believe they’re entitled to the affection of women just because they treat them with a modicum of kindness. You know – treat them like a human being. Sadly, these types tend to not realize that being benevolent in order to get what they want isn’t actually «nice.» It’s manipulative. And when the manipulation doesn’t work? They go off the rails and reveal their terribly toxic ulterior motives. These specimens from r/niceguys truly encapsulate this misogynistic and cringey mindset. We hope they get the help they so clearly need. Or at least a really good talking to. Or even a meeting with an angry mom who can slap or scream some sense into them. All of the above reckonings would be acceptable.

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