Dank Christian Memes For All the Christians With a Sense of Humor

Happy Sunday, brothers in Christ. For many of us, the day is merely a last moment of respite before yet another harrowing week of being moderately productive members of society. For other, more holy people, this is a day of worship in addition to a day of rest. The latter crew might be hitting up a megachurch, a quaint chapel, or watching worship on the television. But we’d wager that many Christians these days have something in common with non-believers: a love of humor – and memes. 

While it may seem inappropriate to apply spicy humor to matters of the world’s most popular religion, we mean no harm. It’s only natural that beliefs that span thousands of years would lend themselves to memes. The stories (even if you’re an atheist or atheist-leaning agnostic) are steeped in history, and the lessons they impart aren’t just useful to Christians. So whether you dabble in scripture or celebrate Christmas for all the shitty gifts, we’re pretty sure these memes will feel like a blessing.

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