Douchey Retail Manager Accuses Worker Covering Shift of Trespassing at 5 AM, Gets Hit With Malicious Compliance

I don’t want to make too many excuses for those who make up the managerial class, but that kind of job isn’t always an easy ride. Being in that kind of position makes someone a lot more liable for anything that goes wrong at work than if they were a lowly intern

That being said, there are plenty of bosses out there who abuse and misuse their power in the most infuriating of ways. A fancy title doesn’t mean that everything someone does should be law, and every so often those managers who like to act like this get taught a welcome lesson.

This was the case in a recent r/MaliciousCompliance story, where a former retail worker described driving to a different store than usual to help them cover a shift. The manager seemed to have other plans, which backfired on them pretty spectacularly when they realized the mistake they had made. In these situations, communication is everything. 


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