Entertaining Times Oblivious People Didn’t Get The Joke

It is very, very easy to make mistakes on the internet – pretty much as easy as it is to err in real life. The difference is that the only people who can laugh when you slip on a banana peel are the folks who actually witnessed the incident (and maybe a handful of their friends). On the internet, however, our failures are often immortalized, thanks to social media. You can delete a tweet or a Facebook post, but there is no telling how many people took a screenshot. Once the screenshot is taken, it might be shared to Reddit or worse, Instagram. Your embarrassing misspellings or doltish statements may very well go viral. Some funny fails circulate for years. It is scary out there. Normally we would avoid making fun of people’s internet misfortunes, but these moments of incredible obliviousness and stupidity were just too good to pass up.

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