Entitled Dude Causes Conflict Complaining About His Cleaner Washing Cast Iron

Being a cleaner can be a strange job. It’s essential to the functioning of society, yet also completely underappreciated. It’s hard on your body, you often have to meet demanding standards, and you do all that hard work only for it to get trashed again hours later.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, some also go through the joys of their employers complaining about them on social media. Everyone makes mistakes on the job, but apparently putting a cast iron in the dishwasher deserves a public shaming. At least, that’s what one employer on Twitter seemed to think.

While a cast iron pan is a piece of kitchen equipment you might expect someone with domestic duties to understand, many other Twitter users were not impressed with the way that @alexlmiller had decided to approach this. It can’t be nice to see a lot of hard work go to waste, but it’s not nearly as much hard work as cleaning somebody else’s house to a professional standard. Also, it’s not a difficult problem to solve.


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