Fast Food Fans Discuss The Worst Fast Food Restaurants

Let’s be real; fast food is delicious. Sure, it’s not something you should eat every day or even every week, but fast food provides something that few foods can; the perfect cosmic balance of feeling full, happy, and gross. I love to hate and hate to love the documentary Supersize Me because it’s such an insane premise. A guy named Morgan Spurlock ate only McDonald’s for a month, and because of that, everyone acted like he was a brilliant filmmaker. His movie will be played in health classes for generations. He almost killed himself to prove that Mcdonald’s is actually bad for you. No other man will ever do something so stupid to prove something we already know. 

Not all fast food is as deliciously unhealthy as Mcdonald’s. Many fast food establishments aren’t worth the minutes they take off your life. Redditors discussed which fast food places are overrated or outright bad, and I can’t help agreeing with many of their takes. 

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