Former Casey’s General Stores Employee Calls Out Company Culture in Public Resignation

The best thing about quitting a job you hate is not having to work there any longer. The next best thing is that you get to publicly complain about all the crap that you couldn’t before. By and large, working sucks, but some companies are worse to sell your labor for than others. It’s only right that we’re allowed to talk about these experiences.

This is the attitude taken by @chazonator, who took to TikTok to announce the many reasons he had decided to quit his job at a branch of Casey’s General Stores. It’s fair to say that he was less than impressed with many aspects of the operation. Thankfully, his detailed explanation of why he was quitting gained the sympathy of numerous viewers. Most of us have been in a position where we hate where we’re working. It’s a good thing that we have the ability to get that out in the open now and then.

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