Funniest Boozy Memes for People Who Won’t Admit They Have a Mild Drinking Problem

Parties are fun. There’s no doubt about it. As human beings, a lot of people are just wired to have an awesome time when surrounded by people. However, for those extra, ultra social folks, it can be a bit difficult to say no to peer pressure. Anytime that the group chat is going off about plans this weekend or maybe someone’s suggesting drinks after work, there’s always that one friend who will never, under any circumstance, say no. That’s the friend you can count on to be dancing on tables at the bar in the middle of the week. 


And for that person who’s bar hopping on a Tuesday night, they’re almost always a weekday warrior who is willing to risk it all for one more round. Grab the Pedialyte and an extra Gatorade for this homie,  they’re always down and they’re going to drag you with them no matter what. Tighten your seatbelts kiddo, you’re in for the hangover of the century.

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