Funniest Memes for Anti-Dieters Who Just Plain Love to Eat

It’s unfortunate that after the most wonderful time of the year comes the worst: that period when everyone steps on the scales and gets so depressed that they vow to start dieting again in the new year. While it’s true that maintaining a certain weight is often better for your health, most of us find ourselves on diets because of dumb body image reasons that are continually fed to us by society.

The statistics when it comes to diets are pretty bleak: 95% of people who lose weight dieting gain it back (and some extra) within the duration of the next five years. It’s not something anybody wants to hear when they’ve been eating their own bodyweight in food for the past week, and these memes wholeheartedly agree. While we’re not here to trash talk healthy eating, exercise, or losing a few pounds if it feels right, diet culture can still suck it. 

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