Funniest Memes for Edgy Christians Who Curse Sometimes

Being a Christian isn’t easy. It’s really hard to make ethical decisions about the morality of life effecting choices and it’s really EXTRA difficult to find the right leather bracelet combo and an approachable-yet-hip, skinny tie to go with your outfit. 


On Sundays, while everyone attempts to show the whole congregation how many Bible verses they read that week, you may be wondering how much of that is legit and how much is a little over exaggerated. So whether you know the words to every gospel song, or you’re just reading the words on the screen and hoping to do your best to «harmonize» to the tune, you’re welcome to eavesdrop on the message of the Lord.


In the end, every Christian knows that God loves them anyways, but it’s hard to be a normal person, while also doing your best to be completely Godly. If you curse sometimes, that’s okay, it’s only human. If you forget to tithe one month, that’s okay, do your best. And if you road rage at an old lady pedestrian on the way to Sunday service then.. actually… it might be time to work on that a bit. Praying for you– we’re all just doing our best.

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