Funniest Memes for People Who Survive on UberEats and DoorDash

Julia Child says that anybody can cook. However, that is simply not true. Not everybody can cook, in fact, it’s probably best that many of us stay away from kitchens, open flames, knives, and garlic powder. 


For people who can’t cook (or who simply refuse to), the modern age has gifted you with a simple service that has been both life changing and debilitating: Meal delivery services. DoorDash and UberEats have enabled countless people into being drunken slobs instead of cooking a meal for themselves. It’s amazing how the allure of a $75 Big Mac is so strong when it means you don’t have to talk to anybody and you still get fed. I’ll pay that. 


So if you’ve ever been stoned out of your mind or simply too lazy to open your fridge, UberEats may be just the thing for you.

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