Funniest Succession Memes for Fans Dreading the End of Succession Sundays

Prestige TV is a strange thing. It has given us some of the best art of modern times, and some of the most dedicated and deranged online fandoms to boot. That’s what happened when Succession started airing, anyway. If you described the premise of this show to anybody who didn’t know what it was, there is no way that would guess how many unhinged memes and posts it has inspired in its four season run. 

There is literally no good reason for this Shakespearean inspired corporate drama to prompt an outpouring of content to rival any major Marvel movie, yet it holds its own in the sphere of memes. None of the characters in it are likeable or even redeemable, but they definitely make for some amusing punchlines. All these fictional rich people might be miserable, but fans of the show don’t have to be. The memes are just too good (and bizarre) to stay sad for long.

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