Gizmo Up: 33 Star Trek Memes for Trekkies Boarding the Enterprise

For gizmo and gadget-loving devoted Trekkies, welcome to another week full of star trek memes that would even get a chuckle out of Data. If you feel emotionally attached to ‘The Next Generation’, you’ll understand this next bit to a T. Our admiration for Captain Picard is primarily fueled by his consistent demonstration of exceptional competence, although also because he has a commanding demeanor that can captivate practically anyone.

To be fair though, Picard has had a fair amount of mishaps, as any captain does. Ahem, let’s not forget that regrettable instance when he stubbornly disregarded the counsel of his devoted crew, resulting in a catastrophic breakdown involving the formidable Borg adversaries. Star Trek commands an incredibly dedicated and extensive following within the vast domain of science fiction, and we wholeheartedly comprehend the magnitude of this phenomenon.

Our infatuation with our favorite fictional personas runs deep, even though we earnestly yearn for the production crew to refrain from embarking on further superfluous series that may dilute the brilliance of the franchise. Another ahem, Star Trek Into Darkness. For more, you can check out more Star Trek memes here.

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